Clown Stories

by Fuzzy Brown

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released January 19, 2014

Performed by Fuzzy Brown
All songs written by Fuzzy Brown and Jon Wilson



all rights reserved


Fuzzy Brown London, UK

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Track Name: The Clown
I don't like the way you see me as a grotesque painted clockwork demon
I'm just different and broken, sensitive and open, volatile, a bit uneven
I just weave scary moments into silly stories that make sense to kids
It's not like they need the down and dirty details ramming home just what you did.

Take me as I come. Come again, don't run
The road is slippery, it makes a mess of everyone
I've been this way ever since my mother dropped me
You can't stop me. Stop me. Stop me!

I won't tell unless they ask
And I won't cry. I won't cry.
Until they laugh.

I can't understand the hatred but that's just the way the weasel blows
Pop like a motherfucking big-top. Smile and punch me in my big red nose
I'll keep all the feelings hid until it's time to blow my lid
Standing here wobbling on the brink of madness, making you happy with my sadness.
Track Name: Skins
It's just fine if you won't let me in
I don't mind if you won't let me win
But tell me how you want me now
I don't care, I'm high and dry
You got there so who am I
To tell you my needs and to show you how
I just need you to want me around
Be my Queen and I will be your clown

I show you my rag-doll and you show me your pins
The only thing that keeps these hearts apart is these skins.

Came so close that I could taste it, then
The time froze. I couldn't face the end
Show me what you came to get
I don't care, I'm high and dry
You got there but where am I?
Stranded on your shore so cold and wet
Lift you up and you just pin me down
My sweet Queen, I want to be your clown.
Track Name: Reason Is Overrated
You explain. I just dig in
Fear my hate. Reason is overrated

Sitting on the 3rd rock out, what I do not know I fear
Tell me what you've heard about the man they told you put me here
When you said that he was dead I knew that it was true.
Though I was his only child I have not felt him for a while.

You explain...

Living in the end of days, signs all shine a million ways
No one here to hear my screams. World as empty as my dreams
Just knowing that I'm next won't make it real
I just want to feel, want to feel, want to feel NOTHING!

You explain...

Sitting on the 3rd rock out, a quarter million miles from land
Nothing left to say about the end of my creators hand
There's no way to come back from this
Last time I was betrayed at least they warned me with a kiss.

You explain...
Track Name: Six Loop Rollercoaster
I can't stop thinking about you and me
And Mickey Mouse and carburetors, soup and disappearing ink
It's been this way since midnight, now it's 2 or 3
Can't switch my brain off or find anything useful to think
The thoughts don't want to stay inside my head
They spill out and bounce about. They won't let me go to bed
I wrote this song, I couldn't make it make sense.
I wrote it wrong now I can't work out how it ends
I wrote it wrong and it makes no sense at all
It jumps and grinds around my mind, I can't explain it to the wall.

I don't know why I've built a six loop rollercoaster
On my beautiful road to the day
I play the same scene over and over and over
We don't work and you won't play

I can't stop thinking about love and war
Chinese food, electric chairs, extractor fans and circus freaks
I've had enough to think but there's still more
I think I've been awake 2 days, although it feels more like 2 weeks
The words don't want to stay inside my head
I'll spit them on this page and try to make them rhyme instead
I sit and chew my pen and watch you sleep
So still and beautiful, all wrapped up in the warm and deep
Let out a sigh so peaceful and serene
I'm so fucking jealous I just want to rampage through your dreams

I don't know why I've built a six loop rollercoaster...

I can't stop thinking about you and me
Superman and cashew nuts and soap and disappearing ink
Been this way since midnight now it's 2 or 3
Can't switch my brain off or find anything useful to think
The thoughts refuse to stay inside my brain
They spill out and dance about, they're slowly driving me insane.

Don'y know why...